Hanna-Kaisa is a Master of Science in Electric engineering. Her goal is to develop her skills at work and to use them in future projects. Before coming to ARNON she had already acquired some skills in 3d design.

She says that all of her projects are equally interesting. The projects that teach new things and offer feelings of success are the ones that stick to mind. Bonaire project with Wärtsilä was just like that. It was Hanna-Kaisa’s first big project at ARNON and in this project it was easy to see the different phases of delivery.

At the moment Hanna-Kaisa focuses on her work and is waiting for the coming summer and possibly she’ll travel somewhere then.

As counterbalance for work she has hobbies to keep her busy.

“I have been drawing and painting all my life. Last year I began better introducing myself to oil painting.”

As the weather gets warmer she will take her bicycle from the storage and start bicycling to work.