Arnon - Pro at work – Jihad Suleiman


Text: Hansku Vihervaara | Photo: Jonathan Melartin

Jihad Suleiman is working as a technician for Arnon in Tampere. His journey to Arnon has been a bit different than usually. He was born in 1990 in Aleppo, Syria. He graduated as a PLC Control Mechanic – but after that, he had to run away the war. He worked for three years in Lebanon, experiencing in electrification and automation.

In 2015, Jihad found his way to Finland.

– I wanted to come to Finland. To the country that has better working opportunities in high technology, is safe and a good place for me to start to build a future. He had to stay in Finland for six months before he could apply for a job. He started to work in Pizza Service Hervanta, studied Finnish and dreamed about a job in technology industry. He had an opportunity to go through practical training and got a place for it in Arnon. This period was for seven weeks. As a result of great working attitude and willingness to learn he got his first contract.

– What is great about working in Arnon is that we have flexible hours, great and friendly team and I can see my future here. I have a versatile job and possibility to learn more every day. When I was working in Lebanon, we had different kind of tasks everyday so my experience for working in Arnon, is spot on.

“I have a versatile job and possibility to learn more every day.”

Harri Lamminen, CEO of Arnon: – We want to have innovative and open-minded people in our workplace community.

– We appreciate good training and work experience, and the adoption of the Lean Management philosophy: any problems need to be identified and solved right away and using common sense. Arnon wants to be involved in hiring people from different cultures. Jihad is a great example of a motivated and enthusiastic Pro at work.

Jihad would like to concentrate more on electrification and especially new technologies in renewables. On his spare time, he is into computers and software, studying future sortwares and trends in technologies. He also likes to go cycling in the forest.

– Not the too difficult forest trails, though.

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