Samuli started at Arnon as a switchboard fitter. He had completed an undergraduate degree in electrical power engineering, following in the footsteps of his father, who worked as an electrician.  At an early stage in his career, a Metso project was on his agenda.  Metso continues to be one of Samuli’s customers, but his title has changed over the years to Team Leader.

Samuli’s days are filled with steering his team, guiding their work, and manufacturing distribution centers and prototype centers.

“The manufacture and design of prototype centers is creative work, as each center is its own project and must be considered on a case-by-case basis. The work requires three-dimensional perception and collaboration with salespeople, Arnon designers, and the customer’s designers. Long work experience is of great help in seeing the big picture,” Samuli says.

As team leader, Samuli makes sure that every team member remembers all the specific work instructions provided by the different customers. For example, centers delivered to Metso must tolerate a great amount of vibration, so special care must be taken when installing components. There are also customer-specific differences in the use of wires and labeling methods.

Samuli plans the start of his team’s work based on work orders and optimizes the use of parts.

“In recent years, we have become accustomed to the situation looking bad in terms of shortcomings in parts. But sometimes it pays off to start on the work regardless. We may have a long period of work ahead before the missing parts are even needed.”

Samuli likes the versatility of his work and enjoys leading his team. As team leader, he takes care of the division of work tasks in the team: who will be doing what.

“I take into account everyone’s skills, interests, and desire to learn new things. We want to develop the diverse knowhow and competence of the entire team,” Samuli says.

Music and motorcycles are important to Samuli. His leisure time is spent building guitars, for example. Over the years, Samuli has built several guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals, and studio equipment.

And what is Samuli’s wish for the future at the expanded and international Arnon?

“I would like to continue having plenty of challenging work tasks.”