Topias Välimäki works as Project Engineer at ARNON Kauhava office. At the moment he works with electrical design and gradually he will take on new challenges. He has worked a few years as an industrial electrician and is now studying Automation Engineering in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and will be graduating in spring 2020.


“I have some hands-on experience in different automation systems and electrical design in industry. At the university and also in my free time I have learned programming with microcontrollers.”

Topias ended up working at ARNON when he was searching for companies in the area and ARNON homepage caught his eye and he decided to send his CV.

“I started working last June at ARNON, in Vaasa. There I was part of a team that implemented different kind of data-collection solutions, I had tasks in configuration and parametrisation of PC-based data-acquisition systems.”

Topias feels he had an easy start to this new job due to a very helpful and professional group of colleagues. Later in Kauhava he was designing electrical drawings using ePlan.

“In September I flew to Germany to do an exchange semester in Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences. When I was not busy eating Prezel or Weißwurst I continued doing some smaller electrical designing and production support tasks. Right after I came back to Finland I started working again full time in Kauhava.”

Topias thinks most people, including him, prefer a project where they can take part in the very beginning, and which is relatively short and a somewhat challenging. And learning something new is of course a big bonus.

Besides his internship and bachelor thesis he still has a few courses left before he graduates. Best outcome would be that Topias could work while finishing up school. Now his challenge is trying to figure out which specialities to focus on.

“As a counterbalance for sitting in the office, I like to do different sports such as football and ice hockey, and in summer I spend a lot of time riding a motorcycle.”

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