Arnon - Pro At Work: Viivi Välimäki

Pro At Work '- Viivi Välimäki

”I believe that having a positive, enthusiastic mindset and doing your job joyfully help you to achieve anything you want.”

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We have a new face in the corridors of ARNON Tampere: a smiling young go-getter, who started working here in mid-April. She is Viivi Välimäki, the Group Financial Controller. She did her Bachelor’s Degree at Häme University of Applied Sciences and specialized in Managerial Economics. This competent young lady is experienced in different fields of financial management and has strong skills in using SAP.

Beginning to work for ARNON felt not only inspiring and captivating, but also a bit exciting for her, because she knew there would be so many new things to learn. Furthermore, she would have a whole lot more responsibility compared to her previous job. Now, having been an Arnonian for a week, Viivi says – “Everybody here has welcomed me and been so nice to me. I look forward to meeting all my new colleagues face-to-face to get to know them better as soon as coronavirus allows.”

“I definitely want to be part of ARNON’s growth.”

During the job interview, Viivi noticed that the personnel truly are one of the three core values of ARNON. The well-being of the employees is essential, and everyone’s skills and knowledge of their field are genuinely appreciated. Newcomers are encouraged to bring forth their development ideas and stand behind the common goals. According to Viivi, good team spirit shows in a supportive work atmosphere.

Viivi describes herself as an open and easy-going person with a very good sense of humor. She is also determined and development-minded. ARNON made it possible for her to move up the career ladder. – “I definitely want to be part of ARNON’s growth. I am an absolute team player, who encourages others. You see, you rarely beat your challenges on your own. Based on my experience, I always look at the bigger picture first, and consider the question ’What can we achieve?’ After that, I focus on the details: ’How can we achieve it?’ I can’t emphasize enough that if something deserves to be done, it should be done properly or not at all. I believe that having a positive, enthusiastic mindset and doing your job joyfully help you to achieve anything you want.”

In her free time, Viivi trains at a gym and plays golf and other ball games, such as basketball, and football, all of which she plays with her friends. – “Suggest going to play any ball game and I’m in! I am competitive, I must admit, but always ready to admit defeat.” If you want to see how serious Viivi is about sports, dare her, and you will find out!

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