Chief Commercial Officer Kari Lehto started his career at Kaapelikatu 3 in Tampere with Nokian Capacitors. After 11 years with Schneider Electric Finland in several different roles, Kari returned to the same address as the commercial officer and site manager of GE’s Myllypuro unit. And then Kaapelikatu 3 called again. This time, Lehto was recruited by the rapidly internationalizing Arnon from his position as the director of VEO’s Industry Unit.

– When I visited the factory premises for the first time, they looked completely familiar and yet unfamiliar at the same time. After the layout change and renovation, the premises looked bigger and brighter than I remembered, chuckles Lehto.

Lehto, who has made his career in large international companies, thinks Arnon is going through an interesting phase. The company is expanding boldly and has a vision of how its internationalization should take into account cultural differences and the importance of local knowledge.

– Arnon has a very good understanding of what proper internationalization requires. The company acquisition in Sweden in early 2020 was a natural continuation for the operations in Poland. The attitude is positive on both sides of the Gulf of Bothnia: The Finns can see the opportunities for expansion in Sweden, and the Swedes have faith in the new aspects Arnon will bring to the operation, describes Lehto.

Lehto brings sales-oriented process expertise to Arnon. In addition to his experience in sales, he has a strongly holistic view business operations – thanks to his former roles as a site leader and a director of an industry-oriented unit, Lehto has developed an understanding of how sales, production, design, procurement and other operations can be harmonized to work as a whole.

– I wish to introduce even more drive and systematic approaches to Arnon, including solution selling to the right customers, Lehto describes his goals.

Lehto describes himself as a supportive, positive and direct leader.

– I want to find ways of doing things better and be involved in solving our common challenges. I also do not mind getting my hands dirty.

As a proponent of an active lifestyle, Lehto enjoys mountain biking, running and the gym. He is also a team leader of a hockey team for boys born in 2011 and as an assistant coach of a football team, teaching the children lessons that will also help them in working life.

– I find it important to enable young people experience the joy of physical activity and learn life skills: good manners, listening, communication, working in a group. That skillset will get you far.