We provide industrial electrification and automation as a service to our selected customers – machine, equipment and system providers mainly in marine, mining and renewables energy segments


Our slogan Art of Automation tells that we are both passionate and professional in what we do. When Automation is used cleverly and innovatively as a tool to solve real problems and tasks, and it is implemented professionally, it can be great, like art. This way we can be proud of what we do, and our customer gain the best possible results from what automation can offer. As our customers’ partner, we aim for to boost their success through comprehensive, skilled and flexible service. This is the standard guiding our activities, and it is our promise to our customers.

We provide industrial electrification and automation as a service to our selected customers – machine, equipment and system providers mainly in marine, mining and renewable energy segments.

We can offer a unique portfolio of competencies starting from sensor, instrument, and electrification level through automation systems and remote connections to cloud services (Industrial IoT). Our aim is to be a true partner to our clients boosting their competitiveness. To reach this goal we aim for long-term commitment also with our selected suppliers.


We are an innovative and dynamic forerunner, who values its customers above all else. As our customers partner, we aim for boosting their success through comprehensive, skilled and flexible service.

We genuinely commit to our customers. As our partner, you can rest assured you will always stay ahead of the game.



We offer you knowledge services and industrial electrification and automation as a full service. This means expertise, service and innovative solutions delivered in most professional and efficient manner – for enabling your success. Being our partner enables You to focus on Your core business. Arnon. Art of automation.


  • Tampere
  • Turku
  • Kauhava
  • Vaasa
  • Sweden
  • Poland


  • 200 employees
  • Average time of service 5,96 years
  • Average age 37,5 years
  • Youngest 19 years old
  • Eldest 61 years old


  • Winning
  • Personnel
  • Partners

Experts working for you

Key Account Management

ARNON Sales team members are the people who lead ARNON customer intimacy. They are listeners and dedicated to serving our customers. Our sales team members have technical backgrounds and they also have in depth knowledge on our customers industries. They are the people who lead all activities towards our customers, their businesses and especially their success.


Technology in ARNON is all about finding solutions that will solve our customers problems, and fulfil their needs and create their success. We are always one step ahead; thanks to close customer orientation, the long technical problem-solving history and the ongoing research we do. We are always ready for creating new value for our customers – proactively investing to future needs.


ARNON people are the top engineering professionals of world, nothing less just won’t do. We master wide range of different engineering methods, tools and software. We have clear & efficient processes and process faces from sales to delivery and everything in between. Connectivity is heavily present in engineering and everything we do; communication, vision and capability.


ARNON technicians play a key role in delivering our electrical cabinets and switchgear. They ensure the quality and take personal responsibility for the delivery times. They are the people that make Art of Automation come to life through customer orientation, quality, speed and teamwork.


At ARNON we believe that our commitment to world class HSEQ form the foundation for high-quality solutions for our customers. Our HSEQ team provides training, tools and techniques throughout the company to enable all ARNON employees achieve these goals. We are setting the bar high; our HSEQ team is continuously developing our working environment, procedures and processes in order to exceed legal, standard and customer compliances.

Sourcing and procurement

Sourcing and procurement team is responsible for supplier relations management enabling the best quality and total cost efficiency for our customers. Expertise has been built up through long-lasting partnerships and our own active research both with our customers and suppliers. Our aim is in long-lasting and well considered partnerships with all our selected suppliers.



ARNON HR team is responsible for recruiting new people, supporting our employee’s wellbeing, developing employee’s knowledge and skills and also managing employment relations. Our HR team is in key role of improving ARNON culture through e.g. ARNON Sports club and ARNON employee events.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing and communications team is responsible for influencive internal and external marketing and communications actions. Together with sales and HR the team is also responsible for improving ARNON culture both internally and externally. The team has passion for boosting up not only ARNON’s but our customers businesses through various ways including the ARNON Magazine.


Naturally all of us at ARNON are business making experts but there are some teams that are in the heart of business itself. These teams are finance & control, process owners, management team and the board. We follow the markets and trends, our customers industries, we measure, analyze and guide actions. We set up the targets and take responsibility of ARNON strategy implementation.


ARNON is a privately-owned company and we have passion for success. Our owners and investors are in the core of our business, being present and actively taking part on developing our decision making. Owners and investors share important information with us and boosts up our board and our management team.