Electrification and automation systems for machine builders

Diverse experience of different industries

Our customers in the Industrial Applications segment constitute a diverse range of industries. We have extensive experience of different types of electrification and automation systems, which enables us to design and manufacture new systems reliably and efficiently.

From individual configurations to large entities

Typically, we supply electrification and automation systems with the required data transfer solutions for an OEM manufacturer’s machinery or equipment, and we also take care of equipment assembly. Many of our customers are large companies operating globally. We implement systems on a wide scale from individual configurations to large entities. In addition to engineering, product management and manufacturing, we also handle programming, software installations and configurations for smart devices.

A long partnership benefits both parties

We always serve our customers in an accurate and smooth manner, utilizing our extensive expertise. We want to work together with our partners and help them in their development work.


"Arnon internalized our needs quickly and can produce complete solutions for us, which can be delivered directly from Arnon to the customer."

– Teijo Fabritius, CEO, Ginolis

"With Arnon’s collective arsenal of skills and expertise, we are stronger and can deliver much more, and thereby grow together. "

– Axel Patrikson, Nordic Purchasing Manager, Xylem

"With the shared history, Arnon has employees with very high expertise who know our needs and are familiar with our machines. And the quality of the work bears comparison with anything."

– Mika Passi, Purchaser, Finn-Power